Dogs Life Tales

Tales told through the eyes of dogs

Do you look at your dog and ponder what they are thinking? Of course you do and you are not alone. 

Many (you may even say most) dog owners wonder what their dogs might think. Thoughts on how they feel and how we fair, their preferences and perceptions of life and how all that creates their personalities. We humans tend to anthropomorphize  (attribute human characteristics or behaviour) dogs, and when we add a little imagination we often picture their persona. This is a place to share that persona. How it looks and sounds from their perspective, based upon yours.

We decided to create this space where people can discover stories from dogs and share their own. Your dogs story may tell us of love or loss, be funny or familiar.  Share the joy of a squeaky toy, ball chases and cat races.  Memories of the best day, a dark day, or those of days gone by. Tales of adventures with friends, relationship mends, veterinary visits or learning to sit.  

Tell us how you see it, through your dogs eyes. 


Hoping to inspire connectivity with your dog, and dog lovers all over we aim to create something greater than ourselves. Stories will be shared on social platforms, with a collection of stories made into a book of which a great portion of proceeds will be donated to animal rescue. 

How to get involved.

Write your story;  Write your story by hand on a blank white sheet of paper.

Take a photo of your pup and email it to us @