Life Skills; obedience

Obedience. Its what we 'teach' our dogs to fit into our human lifestyles.

We like to think of it as Life Skills, as the dictionary defines Life Skills as;

Skills necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life .


Whether you would like to increase your dog’s general obedience or dedicate time to specific skills such as leash walking, greeting without jumping or a reliable recall giving your dog freedom off-leash, our skills session packs may be perfect for you. We can work with you to fix unwanted behaviours at home or maybe where we need to work with the environment such as your neighbourhood or park. 


After discussing your training needs, we can advise you of the number of suggested sessions for your particular goals or you can choose what your happy to begin with. You'll work privately with a trainer to give you and your dog full attention, on a schedule that suits you. Session packs provide you the best value for money while we work together to say goodbye to unwanted behaviours, building on new behaviours and skills.


45-60 min private sessions  ​  

3 sessions     $ 265.00

5 sessions     $ 450.00

10 sessions   $ 850.00