Life Skills : obedience

The dictionary defines Life Skills as: 'skills necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life'

and we believe that's how our dogs should live; with full participation.

So, we're here to help facilitate this.  


Wanting a reliable recall to give your dog freedom off-leash? Or help with achieving calm during downtime? 

Our skills session packs may be perfect for you.

Whether you would like to increase your dog’s general obedience or dedicate time to specific skills such as leash walking, greeting without jumping or wait for your dinner, you'll work privately with a trainer to give you and your dog full attention at home or where we need to work with the environment, such as in your neighbourhood or local park. 

Life skills session packs provide the best value for money while we work together to say goodbye to unwanted behaviours and build new skills. Useful for new puppy parents, help overcoming adolescent hurdles or training plan guidance, these 45-60 minute sessions will arm you with the skills and knowledge to continually build not only on these foundations, but most importantly your relationship and confidence of you and your dog. 


Life Skills Packages

60 minutes avg. per session

         1.5hr single   $159  

          3 sessions     $299

          5 sessions     $460

          10 sessions   $850

How can we help?


Puppy Training 
Recall - teach them to come every time

Leash training - stop pulling on lead

Mind your manners- Jumping? nipping? nagging?

Destructive behaviours- chewing, digging, etc

Nuisance barking

Impulse controls - stay, give, tug, etc

+ more