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About Us

When we think of dog training, we often think 'obedience'. Be obedient. Its what we 'train' our dogs to fit into our human lifestyles.

We now know so much more about our canine buddies than ever before. A greater understanding of how they learn and feel provides us with the opportunity to expand our knowledge and way of thinking. 

At Dogs Life Skills we believe our dogs are part of our family, in our lives to enhance them.

To make the most of this, we need to guide them in how to live successfully in our world, teaching them our expectations whilst arming them with Life Skills. 

The dictionary defines life skills as:

      'skills necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life'. 

Most of us grew up with pets, and to many they are an essential part of our lives. We understand the advantages they offer, the joy they can bring and the love they can give. With great responsibility in an ever changing world, its our job to ensure they are well mannered, good members of our family and society. We all live busy lives, in a world of rules and regulations and ideally want our pets to fit into them accordingly, which can soon become overwhelming.


We're here to help. Help your dog to live its best life and the benefits they bring to yours. 

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