Behaviour Management

Behaviour management is aimed at helping you with specific issues such as leash reactivity, anxiety, resource guarding. We can work along side you to help you change these behaviours, or do the bulk of the training for you to advance the training process.


For your initial consultation our qualified trainer will come to your home, discuss with you the problem and conduct an assessment. From here we create a tailored training plan and begin training, showing you practical techniques to teach you to train your dog.

Ongoing training sessions with your trainer will guide you along your training plan and will be arranged at your consultation. Each session is 45min -1hr of training and is planned according to your progress and schedule to ensure you get the most out of our guidance.

Train Me

Issues such as leash reactivity take much patience, repetition, skill and time- often too overwhelming a task for the average dog owner. We recognize owners lack of skill and confidence often leads to stress or failure when dealing with these types of behaviour issues. Its often why we see clients seeking a professional help. 


With this in mind and our desire to help, we created our 'Train Me' option.

After a consultation, we collect the dog and work through the behaviour for the sessions discussed. We'll update you each session to keep everyone working together, and deliver a handover of practical skills. Great for unsure or time poor owners or sometimes suggested when the trainers skills will get results, faster; setting you up to succeed.

Behaviour Management

Initial consultation    $159   1.5 hr 
Training sessions      $299   3 sessions

             $460    5 sessions
Train Me                   $650    5 sessions 

Behaviour issues

Reactivity - barking/lunging at people, dogs, bikes, etc

Fear/Anxiety - people, environments, dogs, etc

Separation anxiety 

Instinctual behaviours- herd, chase, etc

Resource guarding

+ more