Walk, train, entertain

Time poor? Dog needs a little extra enrichment? Problems with confidence, barking, digging or destruction due to boredom?


Averaging 45-60 minutes, our Walk, train, entertain service is conducted by our qualified trainer who will collect the dog from your home as arranged to walk, train or entertain.

Upon request training will be incorporated throughout the walk, a perfect option to have our trainer work for you on a particular skill or aid you in progression of loose lead training.


Dedicated to your dog alone, this service is tailored to your requests and may include a calm leisurely walk or adventures of your dogs liking, such as the beach or a bush track.

Walk & Train can be arranged as a one off or regular service (package discounts apply).

Walk, Train, Entertain.

$65         Per Adventure

$550       Upfront package

                (10 Sessions)

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