Complex Skills;
service training & tricks

We offer complex skills training, working with you to train your buddy to confidently complete necessary tasks in an

assistance role or enjoyably join you in the surf. We tailor the training to your needs and requests, building the skills alongside you in the necessary environments. We have a force free ethos, with positive reinforcement training as the science behind our expertise. This allows us assist you with training service dogs preparing for certifications such as Mind dog, Miracle dogs or upcoming PAT tests.

Want your buddy to fetch a drink from the fridge? the remote?
Would you like your mate to learn to surf or ride a skateboard?
Maybe a little assistance around the home could help; turning on lights, opening the door for guests, fetching the mail?
​All impressive tricks on their own, but not be overlooked as useful to many.

If you have wanted to teach your buddy some cool new tricks, or have special needs and think they can help

make your everyday life a little easier, get in contact with our qualified instructor at Dogs Life Skills

about complex skills training.


Prices on application.