Training services
Behaviour management

Designed to assist you with your dog training/ modification needs we work with you privately in-home.

After a discussion of your goals and problems, we conduct an initial assessment to determine the problem/s at hand.

Explaining why problems occur and teaching you the solution, we train you to train your dog.

By understanding them a little better and teaching them the skills necessary to be a part of our everyday human lives,

you will soon have a better bond, getting much more enjoyment out of your relationship.

We design a personal training plan, show you how to implement these skills and work closely with you to achieve the desired outcome. We offer ongoing training options for Behaviour Modification clients such as guided sessions with your trainer or our 'Train Me' options for those who prefer the bulk of the work be done by the professionals.

Some examples of the behaviors we can assist with:​

* Separation anxiety

* Fear responses; skateboards, lawnmower, bikes, traffic, etc

* Guarding resources; food, bed, bones,couch, etc

* Reactive dogs; dogs on lead, people passing by, etc

Life skills; obedience

Obedience. Its what we 'teach' our dogs to fit into our human lifestyles. 

We like to think of it as Life Skills. 

The dictionary defines 'Life Skills' as ; Skills necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life .

​After an initial consultation discussing your training needs, our ongoing training packs aim to assist you with teaching

your dog these life skills, guide you through your training plan and help you overcome some common hurdles.  

Our 45 minute sessions will arm you with the skills and knowledge to continually build not only on these foundations,

but most importantly your relationship and the confidence of you and your dog.

* Destructive behaviors- digging, chewing, etc

* Excessive barking

* Mouthing, biting, growling

* Submissive/excited urination

* New puppy/dog set up & introduction

* Socialisation

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Complex skills; 
service training & tricks

We offer complex skills training, working with you to train your buddy to confidently complete necessary tasks in an

assistance role or enjoyably join you in the surf. We tailor the training to your needs and requests, 

building the skills alongside you in the necessary environments.

If you have wanted to teach your buddy some cool new tricks, or have special needs and think they can help

make your everyday life a little easier, get in contact with our qualified instructor at Dogs Life Skills

and enquire about complex skills training. 

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Walk, train, entertain

The train and walk service conducted by our Qualified Trainer will allow us to walk and entertain your dog, incorporating training throughout the session. Averaging 45 minutes, it's a perfect option to aid you in progression of loose lead training, have our trainer work on a particular skill or simply provide quality care and entertainment when you can't.

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Life Skills;
            skills necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life.

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