Training services

We offer a range of services to assist you with your training needs,
from behaviour issues to service dog training.
Find out more on how we can help with the service options below .

Dog Walk

Behaviour Management 

Private in-home training or out and about where the problem occurs. We'll provide an assessment and training plan to assist you with bigger behaviour issues such as resource guarding or reactivity,  


We also offer our popular 'Train Me' options for behaviour issues. Designed for those who are time poor, lack confidence or simply prefer the bulk of the work be done by the professionals.

Life Skills

Obedience. It's what we 'teach' our dogs to fit into our human lifestyles. 

We like to think of it as Life Skills: skills necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life .

Our training packs are aimed at assisting you, through your chosen number of sessions, to teach your dog these life skills. skills.

Santa is coming!!! Have you been naughty or nice_ Billy is pictured here on his best behav

Complex Skills & Service Dog Training 

Service & Therapy dog training is available with our Certified Trainer.


We can assist you in training your dog to provide a therapy or assistance role and complete requirements for Public access test (PAT) and certification, working in co-operation with providers such as Mind Dog.

Complex skills and tricks training is also available for fun activities such as learning to surf or skate.

Walk, Train & Entertain

The train and walk service conducted by our Qualified Trainer will allow us to walk and entertain your dog, incorporating training throughout the session.


A perfect option to aid  in progression of training, have our trainer work on a particular skill or simply provide quality care and entertainment when you're busy schedule means you cant.


Dog with Leash