Workshops; Training classes

Many of us have worked hard, dedicating time to train our dogs for them to best fit our lifestyles.

Often there's that one thing that we just cant seem master or we have problems with as soon as we add distractions like other dogs.  

These classes are for you!

Designed to workshop you through a particular problem such as recall, leash manners, etc, our training classes are for dogs who already have some level of the basics, but need a little help with a particular skill. We keep the class sizes to a minimum, (usually 4 -5 dogs) to ensure you get individual assistance, whilst balancing enough distraction to work with but not to much that its overwhelming for you or your dog. 

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Rocket Recall


This workshop is for you if you want to build a stronger, reliable recall , especially if your dog ignores you when playing off leash at parks or beaches, playing with other dogs or escaping your home. 

In this workshop we explain why our recall so often fails and work to restore your dogs relationship with it. We'll teach you how to get your dog to come to you, want to come to you, despite distractions such as other people and dogs. Class sizes are kept small to allow for individual attention and this one is all about having fun with your dog, so be prepared to get energetic!

Suitable for dogs of any age & breed with basic skills.  

Training materials, email/phone support & certificate of completion provided. 

( not suitable for dogs with aggression due to off leash nature of class )


Duration:        x 4 weeks  
Location:        TBA
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Coffee; with dogs


As more busy people attempt to balance their time, its a common request that they are able to include their dogs in more outings, such as a coffee with friends or a beer at the local. Often it goes astray as the dog is overwhelmed and cannot settle, and a relaxing catch up quickly becomes a mess as the dog attempts to launch with the the table across the footpath. Writing it off as a disaster, its never happened again!.

This workshop is designed to guide your dog on how to settle in these often stimulating environments,  learning to relax so they too can join in. We begin at the training facility, setting your dog up with the skills it will need, then we'll meet at a designated cafe, where we will help you put it all into practice.


Suitable for social dogs of all age or breeds. Remeber, please consider your dogs social choices. If your dog doesn't enjoy busy environments or the company of others, it may be best they don't tag along for coffee...for their sake and yours

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Duration:     3 weeks
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